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I have five different types of bamboo as house plants. They grow in water almost for ever, and can be plaited and twisted to make "lucky bamboo" decorated with red ribbons.
Here in Hong Kong I am continually impressed by bamboo scaffolding going up to 60 floors - it's much safer in typhoons than steel poles. smiley - starsmiley - star

What a lovely entry!

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Thank you for liking the entry!
When I move to Australia I shall be growing a heap of different bamboos, to suit all my building requirements!

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What a lovely entry!

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Hmm, I would have thought that the fact that bamboo is a grass should have been in the entry, and the bit about it being a woody species either left out or put into a footnote. It would have been more correct like that.

As to uses, I thin mine bamboo out regularly, and use the canes to stake the tomatoes. smiley - biggrinsmiley - tomato

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