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Writing in Ancient Greek

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My son has to write his name (MARK WILDMAN) in Ancient Greek. Also the words ANCIENT GREECE. I've looked at the Guide entry and it just confuses me as there seem to be different ways of making the same phonetic sound. Please can someone help!. Thank yousmiley - wah

Writing in Ancient Greek

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Gnomon - time to move on

Hello Maggie. It's hard to write the sounds of English in the Greek Alphabet, because it didn't have symbols for many of the English sounds.

In Ancient Greek, MARK WILDMAN is best spelled as:


In the Greek alphabet, this would be

Mu Alpha Rho Kappa, Upsilon Alpha Iota Lambda Delta Mu Alpha Nu

The English words Ancient Greece are probably best spelled as:


Epsilon Nu Sigma Iota Epsilon Nu Tau, Gamma Rho Iota Sigma

smiley - smiley

Writing in Ancient Greek

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Gnomon - you're a star. I'm glad you said it was hard (or is that just to make me feel better?). Sadly, I suspect Mark's teachers won't know enough to be impressed by his translation.
Thanks very much

Wildmaggie smiley - biggrin

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