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Daleks and stairs

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No legs Tery Nation said he wanted a monster were you could not see that it was just a man in a suit so get rid of the legs.

Daleks and stairs

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Well obviously the Scots will take over the world. It is our destiny!!!!

Anyway, There was also a hovering Dalek in Planet with some Daleks on it. It hovers up a chimney, they drop rocks on it. That one also included a years production of toy Daleks being drowned in rancid milk. Well, that's what it looked like anyway smiley - smiley
Still the second scariest moment in Dr. Who for me was Rememberance/Renovation/Renumeration (Oh I don't know) of The Daleks with Peter Davison. When the Dalek teleports into the abandoned factory I really lost it. This had a lot ot do with my parents keeping their freezer in an old outhouse that looked very similar. I must have spent about a year leaping through the door, pot held high, ready to club a Dalek about the eye stalk, every time I went to get some frozen peas.

Daleks and stairs

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It was resurrection of the daleks i remember it well it was around that time we was doing the interviews and the mag.

Daleks and stairs

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kipperonthefloor - Make sense? What fun is there in Making sense?

what would be hilarius is the classic series daleks try ing to in vade a planet thats like that picture with all the stairs
smiley - biggrin

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