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Odd perfect numbers

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According to Simon Davis, there are no odd perfect numbers. The article can be found at the following URL:


but I haven't checked yet if it looks serious or not.

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Odd perfect numbers

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Gnomon - time to move on

That looks like a serious proof. I'm not qualified to say whether it is correct or not.

Odd perfect numbers

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Odd perfect numbers

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Simon Davis' proof is not accepted by the mathematical community, mostly because it's not written properly and contains many incorrect assumptions. The result he tries to prove is likely true, but he hasn't shown it.

Odd perfect numbers

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I had forgotten about that one smiley - cheers

I saw a "short and elementary proof of Fermat's last theorem" passing by lately too. Yet another one, I daresay smiley - winkeye

Mark you, there are still people sending to various academic institutes their own proofs that the circle squaring problem is actually solvable.

Odd perfect numbers

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