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Danger: Cocktail sticks

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I just thought that, despite the warning, it is still important to specifically note that cocktail sticks should not be eaten or jabbed
in the eye. I have seen firsthand the damage for this sort of thing, and let me say that it is not pretty. In fact, I would personally
recommend that cocktail sticks be added to any lists of lethal weapons that may exist.

Danger: Cocktail sticks

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if this true then all barman have to be given a special life protection cover.
there soon could be troublr fermenting once the barmen become aware of this

Danger: Cocktail sticks

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Dancer (put your advert here)

Bartending is known to be a hazardous occupation.
You never can tell when a real life action hero may step in and spray the mirror behin the bottles (and the bottles in front of the mirror)
The dengerous subject of coctail sticks is one of the meny risks a bartending license involves.

Keep on with your brave job of mixing our juice, We love it the way you make it.
And if someone seems untrustworthy, use a straw instead of a reak DENGEROUS Coctail Stick! smiley - fish

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