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Danger: Cocktail sticks

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I just thought that, despite the warning, it is still important to specifically note that cocktail sticks should not be eaten or jabbed
in the eye. I have seen firsthand the damage for this sort of thing, and let me say that it is not pretty. In fact, I would personally
recommend that cocktail sticks be added to any lists of lethal weapons that may exist.

Danger: Cocktail sticks

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TechnicolorYawn (Patron Saint of the Morally Moribund)

The wooden ones CAN be eaten provided you chew them up quite small. Surely the problem can be solved by the use of edible cocktail sticks. They could even come in different flavours for that ultimate party experience.

Danger: Cocktail sticks

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Barry Life

The said idea that cocktail sticks are brightly coloured to avoid people thinking they're part of the snack is not true. The manufacturers manage to choose the colour exactly halfway between "cheese" and "pineapple", assuming it's cheddar of course. This leads to dangerous amounts of stick eating, and there's nothing worse than a soggy piece of wood in yer gob.

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