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Infra Red O2 Monitoring

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Just so.

Infra Red O2 Monitoring

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Actually, my wife was closed with staples when she had a cesarean section.

Infra Red O2 Monitoring

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I hadn't thought about my internal staples in years until you revived this thread! smiley - illsmiley - silly

Infra Red O2 Monitoring

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Hello, if anyone is receiving out there.
I'm doing my PhD on surgical staplers, and I'm very interested in the work that Muppet describes he did at University on infrared monitoring of the tissue thickness. I cant find any published information about it elsewhere and I'm desperate to know more!

If Muppet is still out there, or if anyone knows how to contact him/her I'd be eternally grateful if I could get some feedback via this conversation or via staplers AT blueyonder DOT co DOT uk.

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