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The Peasants' Revolt - The Shadow Of 1381

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In the entry The Peasants' Revolt -The Shadow of 1381 (http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A20961164) under the subheading 'The Revolt Begins' it says:
'Thursday 30 May, 1381
The unrest in England started as a local rising in Brentwood Essex, when the first attack on a tax collector took place....'

Below it goes on:

'Saturday 1 June
Word of the events in Brentford reached Baddow and Colchester and poll tax collectors there were attacked.'

Presumably the author has confused Brentwood (Esex) and Brentford (Middx) and meant Brentwood in both paras.

I have two questions.

1 As a resident of Great Baddow, I would be interested to know the source for the statement that news reached Baddow. (There is a plaque on a bit of grass opposite the church saying that here the men of Essex rallied in 1381). Can anyone please give a source for any mention of Baddow?

2 Is Brentwood correct? According to the National Archives Citizenship website the revolt began at the end of May when tax collectors in Fobbing, Essex, were attacked. Then on June 2 men at Bocking, Essex, declared their intention 'to have no law in england except only those which they themselves moved to be ordained.' Fobbing is on the Thames Estuary at Thurrock while Bocking is in Braintree. Neither are particularly near Brentwood. Was there also an outbrreak at Brentwood among many other places?

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The Peasants' Revolt - The Shadow Of 1381

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