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Wizards v. Sorcerors

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

I enjoy the computer games. I've played Baldur's Gate and am in the middle of Baldur's Gate II. I used to enjoy the gold box games. They were kind of limited, but they were fun for practiciing tactics.

I've really enjoyed the Baldur's Gate series. The story isn't bad, but it's not all that limiting either. I think they were very creative. There are some funny characters in there. The situations aren't as humorous as is possible in a live game, but you can play whenever you want.

Wizards v. Sorcerors

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Disappointing review... I hadn't seen it yet, and now I wonder if I should bother, even when it appears on Video.

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Wizards v. Sorcerors

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AK - fancy that!

2 things:
1. The Baldur's Gate Series is the best set of computer games I've ever played. The first game takes 2-3 weeks (for me) if you get EVERYTHING... ever single area, house, and part of the expansion. Plus the plot is good.
The 2nd game, Shadows of Amn is better than the first- it took me maybe 6 weeks to complete, and that was occasionally looking on the web for help. The game has like a million ares, there's always something new. Plus, the plot, animation(for spells) and the music are all pretty good. The Throne of Bhaal expansion is not quite as good but you do get really powerful so thats good. The problem was that 3rd edition rules came out while they were making Shadows of Amn so they had to change and add a bunch of stuff (actualy a good thing)

2. In 3rd edition D&D Sorcerers are mages who can only have up to 6 spells a leel known, but they don't need a spellbook, cast spells spontaneously, and are better at fighting. They also get nwe spell levels a little slower, and a worse time with metamagic.

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