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whoo-hoo i'm the first one to talk about this!!! yea!! i just registered. i'm a little excited, sorry (takes a deep breath, coughs twice, gags, recovers) That's a pretty complete list, they even got the commodore. I seem to be the only one of my freinds (the kind that py close atteion to vidoe games anyway) who's never played one. Could someone comment on wether or not the plot was worth about eight different tries? Anyway, i apoligize for any spelling errors, in case an english teacher reads this


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Wand'rin star

She did. (You could always try previewing the text first <g&gtsmiley - winkeye


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The list is not complete! There is another game for the N64, Castelvania Special Edition.


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Mr. Tuvai

Who gives a rip about the plot? You run through castles and whip stuff, power up, fight a boss, and move on. It's not terribly innovative, but it's bulletproof.

The titles in the series that deviate from the formula would be Simon's Quest for the NES, which had items to buy and general "RPG elements", it played not entirely unlike Zelda II. Symphony of the Night for the PSX had levels for the character to gain, about a million items to find (well, not really, but it was a lot), and a big honkin' castle to explore- twice. Once right side up, and once upside down.

Let's see... they're all really hard, though. Completing a Castlevania game is something to be proud of, except maybe the two I mentioned above, which aren't too difficult.

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