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Another Goons-Beatles connection

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Peter Sellers had a UK hit single with a distinctive interpretation of The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night". Sellers' version of the song featured him reciting the lyric in exaggeratedly dramatic style, like a particularly hammy Shakesperean actor!
He also covered their early hit "She Loves You" - this time turning the lyric into a conversation between two Irishmen! smiley - smiley

Another Goons-Beatles connection

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Cheerful Dragon

The voice was generally taken to be a send up of Laurence Olivier, so less of the 'hammy', if you don't mind. (Nowadays it would probably be a send up of Kenneth Brannagh!)

Another Goons-Beatles connection

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James Casey

Not sure if anyone's thought of this one, but The Beatles asked Dick Lester to direct 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Help' because of the 'Running Jumping Standing Still film' he did with Milligan and Sellers (and maybe Secombe, not sure) in the '50s.

Another Goons-Beatles connection

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Various other interpretations of "Hard Days Night" exist on various recordings by Sellers, including an Nazi Stormtrooper if memory serves me right...

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