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Burning mouth syndrome

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I am sorry I have not replied before but there was nothing to report until know. A friends daughter got intouch with me about a Dr. Peter Atherton who deals in Aloe Vera products. He knew about burning mouth and how painful it was and he suggested I try NatureMin and Aloe Vera Gel.
The NatureMin are tablets which I have taken for about four days, and the gel I took two capfuls twice a day. Unfortunately they have made me feel terrible; tummy cramps, feeling sick, and loss of appetite; everything I try seems to make matters worse.
However, I will keep trying.

Burning mouth syndrome

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Hey there, Trooper: smiley - ok

I've asked a few friends, who know people in the medical community, what they know that might help you. I was hoping that one might know somebody at a teaching hospital and have more cutting edge info at their fingertips.

The best response I've received was that they're making great strides in reducing symptoms with anti-siezure meds, but it's still a matter of determining the cause of the symptoms before treatment is truly feasible.

The word is that it could be auto-immune or caused by neoplasmism, and the best suggestion was that this probably falls into the province of the neurologist's specialty.

Sorry, I sure wish there was more.

I'll keep the subject open with people who might be able to supply more suggestions.

smiley - towel

Burning mouth syndrome

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I'm hoping that wishes for a happy new year are justified.

It has been a couple of months, and I've not unearthed anything new or promising, but that doesn't stop me from hoping that you've experienced a complete remission of symptoms.

Have you been fortunate enough to find an efficatious treatment?

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Burning mouth syndrome

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Sorry I have not been in touch before but there have been no changes in the condition although I have now been in touch with the Birmingham Dental Hospital who do seem to know about this problem.

They have taken various blood samples and a mouth swab for analysis and I see them again early in February.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and I hope you have a very happy and healthy new year.



Burning mouth syndrome

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Just reading your conversations on burning mouth syndrome and wondered if you have found a cure yet. I have had it for 7 years without any success. I am English and live in Northampton.

Burning mouth syndrome

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Dear Jeanne:

I've often wondered how you've fared with your syndrome treatments. I'm hoping that you have long since found relief; but, just in case you have not, I want to let you in on another cure/therapy you could try.

My wife, who's aunt's bout with the syndrome prompted my original article, recently found herself suffering the same symptoms. It started with a change in taste, and then the burning. She developed lesions or blisters, as well as redness inside her mouth, under her tongue and on the inside of her cheek.

We currently are without health insurance, which limited our choices; but, after a couple of weeks of suffering, she lucked into a winner.

She took three standard aspirin, dissolved them in a minimum of water to make a paste to paint the entire inside of her mouth and tongue. She painted them three times during the first two days, twice a day the next two days, and in the evening before bed for two more nights.

She began to feel some relief the first night, and the the last two nights were just to be on the safe side.

Aspirin! Who Knew!smiley - biggrin

All my best, FordsTowel smiley - ok

Burning mouth syndrome

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Hi cutrunner:

If you're still around, please see my most recent response to Jeanneyoung!smiley - ok

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