A Conversation for Dating


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Princess of the universe (formely known as v)

You can always be sucure in the universe as long as you have your towel. Then you can always find someone to help you out, or if you are lucky, to be your mate.


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Angry Engineer

I doubt that the comments carrying a towel would draw would do little to increase one's dating frequency anymore than being polite, intelligent, or well-prepared does.


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Princess of the universe (formely known as v)

but if travelling in a universe where haveing a towel when one leaves the house and you don't have it? that could be looked upon as odd


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I'm trying to raisesmiley - towelconsciousness to the point where it's another manifestation of body-language; in the same way as raising one's glass or doffing one's hat is a sign of respect between friends, I hope to establish flapping one'ssmiley - towelas a welcoming gesture between H2g2ers.

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