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Dating is a choice wrought either of presentation to or feeling of. Dating is an action derived commonly for desire of companionship of same species opposite sex(note I say "commonly"), with a desired goal/action in mind for percieved benefit to ones self through another whilst providing similiar benefit to the other to find or create a harmony of being. While the goals for every person may not be the same, that does not mean a harmony could not be found. A couple dating for some length of time may not begin with the same goals in mind, may not of even been thinking of dating in the first place, but that does not preclude them from growing together. As the world turns, time passes by, people change with every passing second. The change may not be monumental however change happens. With this change comes growth, and with growth comes new feeling, perception, realization, and not to forget advanced age. While dating does provoke a form of self-examination, so does living life. With self-examination comes new realization to be put forward toward personal growth. With personal growth comes a greater enlightment to ones self and what one desires to become. A path for life, with desire. After all, what would life be without desire?

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