A Conversation for Barbecues


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I've noticed an interesting behavioural phenomenon at barbecues. Inevitably, food is consumed on paper plates guaranteed to spill sausages and burgers on the grass. People invariably then simply retrieve the said sausage and commence eating it.
If such a situation occured in one's kitchen then the sausage would be immediately thrown away due to the dirt on the floor, but at a barbecue where the ground is not only dirty but has had all sorts of wildlife defaecating on it this is not a problem. Why is this? Food hygeine doesn't seem to apply at barbecues. Maybe this is yet another example of bistromathematics at work.


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Boy, I'm glad I'm a vegetarian right about now smiley - winkeye


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Ah, a little dirt never hurt anyone! I'm *erk!* fine. smiley - smiley


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Haven't you ever heard of the three-second rule? If food is on the floor for less than three seconds it's okay to eat smiley - biggrin

Saying that I tend not to adhere to this rule and I especially don't follow it's more dubious cousin the ten second rule smiley - erm

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