A Conversation for Duvets


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Please help me settle this once and for all. I go with 'doo-vay' my girlfriend says 'dew-vay' I know deep down she's wrong, but I need conclusive proof from someone random.


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Chadsmoor Charlie

I go with "doo-vay" myself - never heard the "dew-vay" pronunciation, sounds a bit "hy ny bryn cy"-ish to me!

Charlie <chick?


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I like to wind a friend up by calling it a dove-et. I got totally confused when in Florida I had a Comforter which, strangely, was less comforting than a duvet...


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Having read the OED definition of 'random' - or rather 'at random' - to be: "without aim or purpose or principle", I think I fit your requirements.

Doo-vay definitely. Deep down you're right. So long as you're in Britain.

Don't go to Australia. They have doo-nars

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