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Public Toilets

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Brick Jesus

On the subject of public toilets... Most businesses and buildings got hip to the idea of people coming in off the street to use them and as a result many places have begun the policy of the restrooms being for customers/residents/employees only. What this means is that if you're in the city hanging around with your friends and have to go take a leak around say, 51st St, you can't just walk into a coffee shop or a store and use the bathroom as they usually have a large sign that says something along the lines of "RESTROOMS FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY! -MGMT". Long story short, you cant pass the cup of coffee you drank earlier without first purchasing a fresh one. And even then people stare at you while you carry a cup of coffee into the restroom with you even though they've done it many times as well. And God forbid you walk in and ask first before making your purchase, then people really stare at you as if to say "Look at this hick, this rube who has no idea about etiquette in the this town." This is what Woody Allen refers to as "behaving like an ass".
But most places do have decent restrooms if you're lucky enough to get to use one without the stares and expenditure.

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Public Toilets

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