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Best view of Manhattan

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Myk Reeve

As several forum authors have pointed out, most tourists pretty much exclusively visit Manhattan, and so when I went to New York last year, I made a point of making sure I visited all the boroughs, and caught a Yankees game in the Bronx. Having said that, my Staten Island visit was literally just getting off the ferry, and immediately back on it again! From what I gather, that's probably pretty much for the best.

Out of curiosity though, where do New Yorkers think that the best views of Manhattan can be obtained? When I was over there, I took the PATH train over to Hoboken, New Jersey, which gave a pretty fantastic view of the city as the sun set.

Best view of Manhattan

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I don't know what the *best* view of Manhattan is, but a few of my favorites are:

From an airplane over the city preparing to land, preferably near sunset, and
on a clear day

From inside Central Park (buildings up over the trees)

From a boat south of the Downtown area, such as the (free) ferry to Staten Island, or one of those tour boats

At night, from the Queensboro (59th St.) bridge, riding into the city

There are also some great views to be had from New Jersey, as well, as you said.

I write this from my office, my view is some of Hanover St. and about ten feet of Wall St., plus into the offices across the street from me. Very weak.

Best view of Manhattan

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Researcher 110590

Hi. I think the best overall views are found either from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, or from the Empire State Building.

(Also, during the 4th of July fireworks, you can get a good view from standing on the FDR Drive, too! it's closed to traffic that night)

Best view of Manhattan

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There's also the tram from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. That has a very pretty view, althoug there isn't anything of interest of the island. I've looked.

Best view of Manhattan

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Not necessarily true. In 1998 the wind was blowing the wrong direction, to the North – within 5 minutes nobody on the FDR could see the fireworks because of the smoke - everyone left. We sat in a bar and saw them on the TV.

In 1999, we sat by the Colgate Clock, on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. We saw some of the Fireworks up on Midtown and most of them at Southstreet Seaport. Once the NY fireworks were finished, the New Jersey Fireworks started at Liberty Park.

If you have a boat, this is the best way to see all the displays. They are worth it.

I live in Hoboken, it has one of the best Views of Manhattan, you can see all the way up the George Washington Bridge too.

Best view of Manhattan

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One of my favorites is the Pulaski Bridge between Brooklyn & Queens, accessible via no. 7 to Vernon/Jackson. The train yard below the bridge (LIRR LI City stop) is a good place to watch fireworks from, too. The classic view of downtown and the Brooklyn Bridge is from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. And my other favorite view is from the Triborough Bridge, because it's like a totally different city, yet still New York.

Best view of Manhattan

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Dr. Funk

My personal favorite view of Manhattan is a fleeting one, but it's on the lower stretch of the BQE just north of the Williamsburg Bridge. Taking a picture of this view probably isn't a good idea since you'll be driving on a highway, but you get to see the buildings of the financial district (this includes the World Trade Center, for folks that live somewhere else) in fairly close and dense circumstances. At night it's primo.

Best view of Manhattan

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The BQE view is from about the same angle as the Pulaski Bridge one that I mentioned. Or you could ascend to the Williamsburg Bridge bikeway/path and take pictures from there.

Best view of Manhattan

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There was a beautiful sunset view at 8:50 pm Saturday night from the corner of N. 15th St & Nassau Ave in Brooklyn. The Con Ed bldg, Met Life, 1 Penn Plz, and Empire State, all gorgeously dark against the reddish background of the sunset.

Best view of Manhattan

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Anybody get a good glimpse of the fireworks? I went with a friend to the UN peace garden on the E Side at 46th St; it was a pretty good spot, although lots of standing, and hell to get home via subway from.

Best view of Manhattan

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NYC Student - The innocent looking one =P

I'd have to say the 7 train, somewhere in the vicinity of Queensboro Plaza, or the George Washington Bridge, looking downtown... and I didn't see the fireworks.

Best view of Manhattan

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Triv, Patron Saint of Merry-Go-Rounds; Maker of Sacred Signposts CotTB; Foxy Manor's Head Butler; ACE (GROOVY!)

To me, the greatest view of the Manhattan skyline is, logically, from the closest place to the islands flank without actually BEING on the island.

Typically, both of these views are in Jersey--One's on one of the many Jersey City piers, and the other's from North Bergen. Both of them are a little over a mile across the Hudson River.

I've also got a spectaculr view from my roof in Montclair, 12 miles to the west. You can see the entire island, and on a clear night, it's the most wonderful sight in the world. Imagine falling asleep with that outside your window EVERY NIGHT for the better part of your childhood.

If anyone wants to drop by the next time you're in the state, please do so. The only h2g2 researchers I've actually met are friends of mine. smiley - smiley


Best view of Manhattan

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my favorite view is always when I'm on the BQE, and I"m driving along, and all of the sudden I look over and it's like the city is just cardboard or something that someone just stuck up for show-- totally fake and pretty. smiley - smiley I have to be careful when I"m on the BQE... sometimes I get so caught up in teh view that I forget about driving... and that's NEVER a good thing.

Best view of Manhattan

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My first ever view of manhattan probably must remain my favorite. It was from through the large windows of Newark airport international arrivals, on a mid-August afternoon. Manhattan was wreathed in mist and a slight drizzle, and only the largest skyscrapers pushed through with any definition. It was very other-wordly and put me in exactly the right mood for the cross-country journey I had just arrived to undertake. Obviously not the clearest or the closest view, but "best" is a very subjective term.

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