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Well, it seems quite a while since this entry was made and a few insignificant changes have happened around Castleford that may, or may not, interest people.

Cas Tigers woz robbed! They had 19 points last season and should have stayed in the Super League, but they were relegated in favour of keeping Catalan in, even though they had less points. Catalans had only just joined the league and were allowed to stay up regardless of where they were in the table for that first year. This sucked.

Hickson & Welch changed hands a few years ago and is now, I believe, closed.

The main nightclub in Castleford has changed it's name, yet again, from Ikon & Bliss to Mansion & Fever. It looks quite nice but is essentially the same place. Tiger Feet is open, across the road, and is essentially exactly the same as Route 66 before it. Everything changes, yet everything stays the same!

Freeport opened and changed it's name to Junction 32, which made people scratch their heads as it was just as incongruous a name as the first one.

X-Scape has opened, boasting an indoor ski slope, cinema, bowling alley and a number of bars. It's an essential place for chavs, snowboarders and pre-pubescent children who like nothing better than to walk very fast, talk in loud boorish voices and insult each other's choices in clothing, mobile phone, friends or any number of other silly little things they can think of.

There ae big plans for cosmetically enhancing Castleford town centre, including a whole waterfront scheme and a footpath bridge across the river at the point of the wier. This should be a source of great hilarity when the next barge escapes it's moorings and crashes into the bridge causing untold amounts of damage.

I'll update again when I remember anything, or if indeed, I can be bothered.

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Bit of an update ...

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