A Conversation for Beer Mats

Beer Mat Trick No.42

Post 1


Always guaranteed to raise a chuckle from anyone half-bladdered.

Simply tear a notch in the beer mat, between 1 and 2 inches long, and force your nose into the tear. With the beer mat firmly attached simply get to your feet (if possible) and say in a loud, confident voice:

"Who's been chucking beermats around?".

Your own personal ensuing hilarity will only be overshadowed by everyone else looking skywards and tut-ing.

Beer Mat Trick No.42

Post 2

Saint John - Researcher 87095

This trick can result in your mates taking up their beer mats, making identical rips and then frisbee-ing the mats back-and-forth across the pub to see who can make their mat cling to a fellow drinkers nose first. I say go for it.

Beer Mat Trick No.42

Post 3

Lisa the Freak // Poet by the Toga

This entry and the first two sentences are my ideas
I got my inspiration looking at a coffee mug
Why does this get so much publicity now it's become a proper entry?

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