A Conversation for Bone Marrow Donors - a Personal Experience

bonemarrow transplant

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..... I have a son who gave his sister
..... a transplant last December 2001
..... and he just had injections for 4
..... days to boost his stem cells.
..... then went on a machine that
..... extracted them for his sister.
..... She has Chronic Myeloid
..... Leukemeia.
..... She is still struggling to get better.

bonemarrow transplant

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

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I hope she is still recovering.smiley - grovel
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I just wrote about Shirley Nolan for the Guide.

bonemarrow transplant

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Thank you for asking, my daughter is doing quite well at the moment, she has just been through a bad few weeks strugling to get all her blood count up and platlete levels up, she was having to inject herself everyday for about 2 weeks in the stomach. She hasn't had to have any more blood transfusions now for 4 weeks. She still has a long way to go before she is better but she trys to keep a brave face on. xx Marion

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