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Samhain-An alternate tale

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What I have learned about Halloween is similar to this entry, but also very different in a way. This is how I know it:

Samhain was thought to be the day that the faries came out of the fairy hills and roam amoung the mortals. Their main objective was to wreak havoc and have some good ole fairy fun. The fairies would then snatch up innocent mortals and take them back to the fairy hill and held there for all of eternity, never to return to the outside world. That, I was told, is the reason for the costumes. It was thought that if one disguised oneself, the faries would not harm or abduct them because they did not appear to be humans. They would be safe from injury if they needed to necessarily leave their dwellings. Otherwise, the majority of humans merely remained indoors to play things extra safe.

I like the fantasy air this tale has about it. After all, my imagination is insatiable and this is great food for thought.


Samhain-An alternate tale

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Cool tale, its the one I know as well. smiley - fairy

Samhain is coming up again, I'm deciding on a groovy meal to celebrate. Of course, here will be a celebratory and mourning ritual as well.

Do you do anything for Samhain? smiley - witch

Samhain-An alternate tale

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You know, now that I think about it, I always have to go walk around at some point that nite, costumeless, and just feel the strangeness of being around so many beings under disguise, every where I go. Not so wierd, I hope? More than any other, Samhain can be a deep and magical holiday.

I wonder how many people will look like Usama?(Not so sure that's a smart idea, though)

What part of the Earth are you on? I am in Southern California, USA.

Did you bring your towel?

Samhain-An alternate tale

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Hi Jampoet
no that doesn't sound strange at all! I love going out in the dark, just to ground and get some fresh air. If its a festival, then its even better, especially when I visit my willow tree for a chat. I so wish I had a garden, still one day.

I'm in South London, GB. Whats the weather like where you are?

As for my towel, I have that, several blankets and boxes of tissues, I have a dreadful cold! Still, that does mean that I have a great excuse to ask my other half to keep making me fresh mugs of infused ginger root and honey! Theres a silver lining in every cloud!

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