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Inflicting Suffering

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My husband, Steve, and I lived in Switzerland for a couple of years. My Mother, who is Dutch, decided to visit us, as well as her family in Holland, and so we did the usual thing for ex-pats and requested that she bring a few items that we couldn't get in Europe, including Marmite[1], naturally.

We took a weekend trip to visit her and her family, at which time we
took delivery of said items while staying with an Uncle. Steve couldn't wait to have some Marmite, and so put it on the breakfast table. My Uncle thought that this black substance looked very strange indeed, but my Mother insisted that it was really rather nice, and so he decided to give it a try. In doing so he made a major mistake: instead of spreading some thinly on a slice of bread, he scooped a sizeable dollop out of the jar with his knife and placed it directly into his mouth before we could stop him. The results were hillarious, and included a great deal of spluttering and face pulling! I'm sure he thinks we are completely crazy for eating such stuff!

[1] NZ Marmite is NOT the same as British Marmite.

Inflicting Suffering

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Princess Bride

smiley - smiley That's funny. I didn't fall for the traditional joke and hence escaped something like what happened to your uncle.

Inflicting Suffering

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Siege K

[1] You're right, it isn't. NZ Marmite is edible.

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