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Researcher 188817

As Aussies, we disagree greatly with this blatant attack on our countrys' product. Could jealousy be the reason? I have to say that Vegemite is much more palatable than Marmite, and if the Britons can't handle it, it must be a sign of weakness! True, a little amount is better, and with butter, but I know not one person of any nationality that can stomach Marmite in greater amounts, or without some form of distraction. Vegemite may be viscous, but at least it does not resemble the excretions of a dog that has eaten a few too many bananas. .Yes, we realise it is all in good humour. .but because you don't like vegemite, and Australians do, does not mean that Australia is any more of a bizarre country than England. Let's just accept each to their own, and stop with the vicious anti-Vegemite attack.
Love a couple of "Born and Bread" Happy Little Vegemites

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Garibaldi - Patented Mr G party at F14181?thread=256534

Actually, I am an Aussie, so all I was doing was taking the mickey out of Vegemite. Please don't feel insulted, as well you know that it is only us Aussies who can bare eating it.

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". . . does not mean that Australia is any more of a bizarre country than England"

you want bizarre - go have a look at the recipe suggestions in the Marmite conversations

Marmite & Banana, Marmite & Marmalade.

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have you guys ever tried veg-sanga with chicken chips or em I alone on this one ?

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Garibaldi - Patented Mr G party at F14181?thread=256534

I remember in Australia they released a flavour or potato chips called 'Aussie Burger', it was vegemite flavoured. Even for a kid it was way too much

A defence of Vegemite

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Napnod the (thoughtful) little green sleep monster BSC Econ (Hons)"eek eek eek"

I am a half Kiwi-half English mongrel who has spent half her life in France and is a most committed Vegemite addict, as is the rest of my family. I have also converted many people I know to the delights of Vegemite when they have come to stay with us as we have no other spread in the house apart from marmalade(yeuch!!!! now that is horrible).
Vegemite has played an important role in my life as the reason for the start of a long term relationship in my life as I discovered it in the cupboard of a (very English) acquaintance of mine and instantly fell in love (a man who woos me with vegemite...yum). I also have very fond childhood memories of making an annual trip to England to visit the grandparents but also to visit Australia House in London to stock up in Vegemite for the year ahead. Happy memories!
I also have viscosity issues with your article, in England vegemite is solid, not viscous at all like marmite. Maybe the temperature difference makes it viscous in Oz, I don't know.
There are tons of ways to eat Vegemite, some of my favourites being spread on cool toast with lots of margerine and a thinnish layer of Vegemite, so the overall effect is a pale brown mix of margerine and vegemite (there is an art to this which has taken me years to perfect and is the reason why ebven as a child I wouldn't let my mother spread my toast for me, she always got it wrong), other good ways are on soldiers for boiled eggs or spread on toast under a heap of fluffy scrambled eggs, yummy!!!
So this concludes my defence of vegemite m'lud,and I would close by just saying that however bad you may think Vegemite is, Marmite is infinitely worse!!!

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