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Insults in songs

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smiley - musicalnote...but I still love you... still love yoo--ooooOOOOOooou smiley - musicalnote
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Insults in songs

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intelligent moose (the one true H2G2 Moose)

For good straight to the point, no-nonsense cussing, I like

Hey you president, yeah you president, you're full of, you're full of sh*t, sh*t, yes you're full of sh*t

(chorus to "President" by Big D and the Kids' Table)

Insults in songs

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"You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap, lousy faggot" Kirsty McColl on Fairytale of New York. I always sing that with relish at Christmas!

Deb smiley - towel

Insults in songs

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supercooper9 - the cooper who is super! ;-}

Your mom f***ed you up, or maybe let you watch too much TV

from There's Always Someone Cooler Than You by Ben Folds.
He also sang Rent A Cop, in which the cop says

You can call me what you want
I'll be hanging at the checkout
Checking out your girl
Trying to figure out how she's gonna
Fit all of that butt into that underwear...

I think that counts as an insult.smiley - biggrin

Insults in songs

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Proudwart, AKA Connorchap.

What about the Share and enjoy song? Why hasn't anyone insulted that one? It seems worthy of a few good abusings...
PWTsmiley - dragon

Insults in songs

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supercooper9 - the cooper who is super! ;-}

Share and Enjoy is truly a highlight of Twentieth Century Music. Next time they send a probe to outer space it should have that on it for aliens to find... tee-hee!smiley - biggrin

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