A Conversation for Killer Bees


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Wrinkled Rocker

smiley - zen Tranquility and a happy life.
I've never seen a man who smiles as much as HHDL - unlike HH the Pope, who never seems to! smiley - bigeyes



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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

I'm sure the Pope expresses love just as well to those millions who love Him; but the Dalai Lama's smile seems to light Him up, which is all the more remarkable when you think of the terrible ordeal He has been through and the continuing lack of regard in the international community for conditions in Tibet.



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A lot of jungle tribes take all their clothes and cut their hair short when going to take honey from bee hives.
Bees can get trapped in clothing and long hair, which just makes them mad. So the tribesmen go in naked, using smoke from torches to make the bees drowsy.
I'm not suggesting that people strip off and shave if they are attacked though :> Just stay calm and move away.


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

That's good advice. I have long hair and a beard, which probably annoy some people. But the bees don't seem to mind. smiley - winkeye



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I live in the fens of lincolnshire and we have about the lot. Only the other day I was driving to my parents and a large white owl flitted across the road. We also get rats which are a nusiance and a little field mouse steals bird seed every year from the garden. We get moles dig up the garden and yes the occasional bee nest. Infact as I write this I am aware of a bumble bee nest which has taken residence again up the chimney.

Lincolnshires a funny place. I was born in Saint Albans ad it often amazes me how at times those from down south think that nothing ever happens here its so flat and borng.

I got news for those people....

It took me over 15 years to get into the Lincolnshire way of life and I can tell ya.

Its a good place.

Ifyou like flies, bees, moles, rats etc.....smiley - winkeyeO


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

I like all that stuff. smiley - ok

I spent many happy hours as a kid rumbling back and forth between Lincoln and Nottingham on the train, a bit too fast to notice the mice, moles, and so on, but I can attest that there are pheasants in Lincolnshire. smiley - ok

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