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I have a rather cheap guitar I'm trying to learn how to play. The strings are quite high on the fretboard, and I was thinking of filing down the upper contact board a little.

Is this a good idea or is it doomed to failure.


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Lowering the height of the strings (the 'action') can be done by making the grooves in the nut deeper, but is usually done by adjusting the height of the bridge. An electric guitar will usually have some sort of adjustment to twiddle, but an acoustic usually has a fixed height saddle which will need to be filed down.

Your best bet is to take it to a guitar shop and get them to set it up properly. Talk to Mykl ( http://www.h2g2.com/U51666 ) he works in a guitar shop and I'm sure he would be better qualified to advise you.


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Word of warning... on most cheap guitars the action is intentionally set high to compensate for inferior and uneven fretwork. Simply lowering the bridge will result in buzzing strings and muted or incorrect notes being sounded. When I get a guitar like that for repair I usually recommend having the frets leveled first. This may cost a bit more ($20-30) but is well worth the money since you end up with a guitar that's actually playable.


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Extremely Dangerous

i need tabs of "bellbottom blues by Clapton", "Soldiers of Fortune by Deep Purple", if there's anyone who has these tabs, and if he/she contacts me maybe an exchange of tabs happen. i have lots of guns n roses tabs (nearly all songs and 8 of them are original tabulature), and a full pack of fingerpicking blues and country music lessons, and a lot of other lesson and lick and riffs stuff...
why not get in touch?


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I ahve been looking for ages for the tab to SWLABR by Cream. It's a great song, but there's one chord I just can't find. Any ideas where it could be?


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Sorry, that drivel I wrote above doesn't make sense. I mean there's one chord I can't figure out from the song by listening to it, and does anybody know where the tab could be? I've tried OLGA, but to no avail. Thanks.


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Extremely Dangerous

in a few weeks i'll receive Clapton's 24 Nights full prof. tabulature book. In an exchange i can email any song you want :

Hoodoo Man Blues
Watch Yourself
Bad Love
Bell Bottom Blues
Hard Times
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Old Love
Running On Faith
Sunshine Of Your Love
White Room
Wonderful Tonight
Worried Life Blues
Edge Of Darkness

but "in a few weeks" means "not less than 2 weeks" smiley - smiley

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Jimi X

You can vote for your favourite guitarist here: http://www.h2g2.com/A259968

smiley - smiley

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