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American pennies

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Pennies are quite possibly the most useless things ever invented. Take it from someone who hails from a place where pennies are no longer used: If you go without pennies for a while, you will find that going back to using them is an absolute pain in the behind. Or perhaps in the coin pocket. It's like carrying around a pocket full of .... well, a pocket full of useless metal. The only reason anyone carries pennies is to avoid getting more of them: e.g. when you buy something for $5.97, to avoid getting 3 pennies in your change, you hand the person behind the counter 2 of your own. It's like a pointless game: who can get rid of their pennies faster, you or the shopkeeper?

American pennies

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Yeliab {h2g2as}

Anyone here from Seattle per chance?

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American pennies

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