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Ouch, a common mistake here:
After a long time without sleep you won't get schizofrenia but a psychosis. Doctors often make the same mistake (they are human after all) and may prescribe the wrong medication. This happened to a friend of me who had such terrible nightmares she was afraid to go sleeping and stayed awake for more than a week. She was initialy diagnosed with schizo and the prescribed medication made her psychosis worse. She started to hear voices as a result. Luckily another doctor diagnosed her correctly and has helped her to get out of it. If schizofrenia is diagnosed get a second opinion!!!

She has been fighting for 8 years to recover. Mentally she is ok now.
A recent disease however brings so much pain she can't sleep for days again and a new psychosis is threathening her. We had to restart the medication and the halucinations have stopped.

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