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Sleep Deprivation

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That Drunk Fool

I need sleep. Micosoft and its networking protocols deprived me of it last night. If anyone can explain to me why IPX/SPX networking wont work under Win '95 even after a complete re-install it would ensure I get some sleep tonight and prevent major hair loss.

Incidentally, on the Big Breakfast this morning they mentioned that there is a women who hasn't slept for 10 years, I wonder if she's having problems with her network. smiley - winkeye

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Sleep Deprivation

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Sleep, of course, is that annoying thing that high-powered management consultancies have spent years trying to overcome and ideally make obsolete.

How often have I heard "Yah, I pulled an all-nighter trying to get that system installed, donchaknow", with the attendant pause that means "Am I not the best in the world?". To respond to such comments it is always good to have a big wet fish in your pocket, that you can use to slap the said individual over the head with.

And, as it happens, I have one here : smiley - fish

Sleep Deprivation

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vaguely safe

Is frame size set to automatic? Is Netbios support enabled? These things sometimes cause problems if they are not set. Get rid of netbuoy or netbeau or whatever it's called also.

Incidentally, stressing out ( losing sleep possibly as well) does make you lose hair. A friend of mine has this rubber band that she would tie her back with. It just barely fit around her hair when she pulled it back. By the end of freshman year of college, she could wrap it around twice.

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