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Answering machine messages

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As someone with a pathological hatred of leaving messages on answering machines: I was just wondering, what are the worst messages you've come across:

My answering machine (which is also my modem) once decided that it wanted to transmit its pre-recorded message in German - and as I'm english, living in France you can imagine I didn't get many messages, just lots of stunned silences.

The worst message I ever had the misfortune to run across ran something like this:

"Hello, this is ....., we're not here at the moment, but if you leave your complete name, address, contact telephone number, fax and email, date and time of your call and the best moment to call you back, we'll get back to you"

By the time you've listened to all that you're terrified of missing some vital information out that you end up telling your life story to a machine, praying that you haven't missed something (bloodgroup, religion, shoesize) and that they won't phone you back because of your inefficiency.

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Answering machine messages

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