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Anybody who can find 20 minutes worth of interest in this newspaper really needs to get out more often.


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Well, its kinda a filler to keep you up to date as you get to work on that LONG, TEDIOUS journey every morning. I actually think its rather good, and is one of my few incentives in getting to work on time, just so I don't have to try not to notice everyone in the pretend-noone-else-is-on-the tube.

Little bit of news, sport and a crossword makes that rather embarressing task of staring at the same advertisement for however long a little less painful.


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metro is pure genious! It takes 40 mins by Stockholm subway to come to school and metro saves my morning! I wonder how did it came that they didn't come up with that earlier.


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Here in America the only newspapers that are free are the ones no one would pay a red cent for. If you live in South Florida you'd know exactly what I mean, with the vast amount of free(if you consider losing your sanity immaterial) "latin" and "refined culture" rags all over the place.


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Metro has competion in the form of The Independant which is equqlly boring and also given away free in Euston


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It's worth noting that Metro is published by Associated Newspapers (http://www.associatednewspapers.co.uk/), the people responsible for that mainstay of bigotry the Daily Mail. As such it should be read sparingly to avoid aquiring baseless opinions and a tendency to speak in flimsy rhetoric.


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There ARE good newspapers in the USA. but maybe theyre all in new york.


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The Metro in Brighton is really boring but yet i find that i have to pick one up to read on my boring bus trip to work! It not a huge shock that the company behind the Daily Mail are behind this. When reading you soon become aware that they dont want to be upset anyone. Thats why it was the only paper not to get into the Jack Straw great Muslim debate.

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