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Banging Rocks

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Mo Power (Itching Cucumber, Lord of Nonsense elect)

Some of the modern so called music is merely more than banging rocks.
The only difference: Modern music makers (another alliteration!) use computers to create it.

Banging Rocks

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Researcher 178815

Bit cynical isn't it? I've made 7 pieces in real written down on paper form (Very good they are too smiley - winkeye) and some on my computer (Not bad, either) smiley - smiley Depends on the person..

Like, they might think of Thrash metal meets rap meets industrial noise (yes, a form of music, would you believe?) in the same way as someone from Radio 1 thinks of Will Young's newest cover song.. smiley - winkeye

Wasn't too harsh was it? smiley - winkeye

- aka smiley - smiley

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