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You call that long?

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So, you English use chemical formulas as an excuse for making long words? In languages of Northern Europe, we can make words infinitely long. Lets use Norwegian as an example, even though German is better at this.

Ok. You have a machine that makes machines. Those newly made machines does exactly the same thing as the original machines, and so on. The first machine is therefore a "machine making machine making machine making ... machine". That makes a good buch of words after a while.

In Norwegian, these words are maskin = machine and lage = make. The difference is, as in German influenced languages, we dont split our words. One term has a meaning as just one word, not several words, reducing many possible misunderstandings. In other words, we can make a "maskinlagemaskinlagemaskinlage...maskin"

This is a very boring word, of course, but one can be more creative, and make long words built with all kinds of words. It's not that they get accepted for any official dictionary, but they are still perfectly legal and useable words. I'm not looking down on the English language, but I think you all should give Germans and others some credits for this ability. ;D

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You call that long?

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