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I beg to differ

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Researcher 95439

I was afraid this might happen. In the rich cultural diversity that is the USA, even neighboring states (such as New Mexico and The Republic of Texas smiley - smiley) will argue over semantics such as I am about to argue. Bear with me here ...

What you are describing is NOT a taco ... it is a burrito. Hence, breakfast burrito. Just like the USA as a whole somtimes takes the original and changes it a bit (presumably in the normal and healthy cultural desire to make one's own version of something), Texas has the afore-mentioned (and well-described) 'breakfast tacos' whereas we in New Mexico call them 'breakfast burritos.' I do have some evidence to back up this claim: a burrito is typically some amount of food stuffed or wrapped up with a non-fried flour tortilla. Tacos are similar, except they use corn tortillas that have been fried - also, they are never wrapped completely but are merely folded to allow you to add picante sauce, chile, extra tomatoes and cheese, whatever you want to your taco with minimal difficulty.

I must admit I'm tempted to take issue with your statement that Texas and Mexico are the only places to get 'real picante' sauce. But out here in New Mexico, I think we feel that actual "Picante Sauce" is something probably best left to others. "Salsa" is what we like out here - and there are more than enough kinds to satisfy, ranging from what would be called "picante sauce" to "pico de gallo" to "salsa caliente" which can also be used as a paint stripper. Typically in New Mexico, salsas are made with less tomato and much more green chile and/or jalapeno (not the same thing at all) than our Eastern Neighbors in Texas. Oh, and if you decide to make pico de gallo, a lot more cilantro. Your breakfast burrito would be FAR better with a tasty amount of Hatch Green Chile on it, but we try not to let that stuff out of the state ... heheheh.

Just so I'm not wounding the famous Texas Pride too much, I must compliment your state on being the only place in the World (IMHO) that knows how to Barbeque. Period. Just don't make me none of your "breakfast tacos" with your Texan chili when I order "real chile," okay? My God man, what is THAT doing in there? smiley - winkeye

Jon Nelson

I beg to differ

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Researcher 46039

well then, I would suggest making a breakfast BURRITO buying guide for your neck of the desert.....did I say anything about your country? no. I said "WHEN IN SOUTHWEST TEXAS" there is nothing there to suggest that I know even one iota of a scrap of even the smallest amount of info about your grand state. Please, write your own entry about your particular language connotations in your particular area of the world, and don't argue the semantics of differing geographical locations, or at least let's git together and make an entry that illuminates those differences for our bretheren in other areas of the world. Oh yeah, ever since the Seinfeld "Salsa" bit I am compelled to never say the word again......

I beg to differ

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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

Very Illuminating for us here in the UK. In my experience, over here, the only difference between a taco, burrito, fajita, guacamolo, enchilada, et al is that the pastry bit is folded differently. Thus, when you order a taco and the waiter brings you a burrito and you complain, the waiter whisks the plate away, turns his back, refolds the pastry in a different way, then gives you the plate right back.

He then utters the phrase 'alright, mate?' - a very mexican inspired phrase, I find - to which the standard reply is 'thank you very much'. We do not complain about this of course, because we are British.

a minor clarification

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A taco is a tortilla folded over some type of filling (beef, chicken, eggs, chorizo, bacon,
salsa, gefilte fish etc...). The type of tortilla is irrelevant (as is the matter of frying).
A burrito is a tortilla wrapped around filling as opposed to folded. You are correct 'tho
in your statement that the only real barbeque is found in the state of Texas with
one exception, Maurices barbecue in South Carolina is truly excellent while being
unique and not a facsimile of true Texas barbecue.
They use a mustard based sauce. (Yellow barbecue)

a minor clarification

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You're only saying that 'cause none of you have been to one of my barbeques. smiley - smiley

And for the record, in California, we call 'em breakfast burritos, too, but they've got this new innovation of the 'soft taco', which, to my eye, is a burrito that has had someone take the liberty of removing the beans.

Ooh, over-complicated there. What I meant to say is that there are no breakfast *soft* tacos, just that they serve soft tacos as well. In fact, there are no breakfast tacos out here, unless some rogue Texans have gotten loose again. smiley - winkeye

Oh and---HAM?

I beg to differ

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Researcher 95439

Whoa, I screwed up! I was just trying to point out that you guys in Texas are actually the exception to the norm: in my experience, most throughout the Southwest USA call them breakfast burritos, not breakfast tacos. I've been to or lived in NM, AZ, TX, CO, NV, UT, ID, and CA - all call them breakfast burritos, at least the ones that I can find to serve them (they aren't too big in Utah for some reason). It's obviously the same thing or close enough, it just goes by a different name. It's an interesting thing, 'cos to a New Mexican (and maybe some others) hearing 'taco' used in that term makes one ... curious about what the heck you guys did to it. smiley - smiley I was only trying to point out a source of possible confusion for those that perhaps have read your article, "our bretheren in other areas of the world" as you so well put it, and were wondering about the usage of 'taco' here. I guess I have to apologize for saying that your word for it was "wrong," as I am not a culinary expert on what exactly makes a taco a taco or a burrito a burrito. So, sorry about that. I was going by own experience in living throughout the southwest USA.

Your point is taken - when I get time, I plan to write a few articles about food and life here in our little corner of the world, no worries there. I'll ref. your article since it is a great description (made me hungry!) of a perfect southwestern breakfast. I should have paid more attention to the fact that you were talking about Texas, not all of the SW USA.

Oh, I didn't see that Seinfeld, so I can't say as I have the slightest idea what you're talking about when it comes to the word "salsa."

Jon Nelson

a minor clarification

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Fenchurch M. Mercury

Isn't everyone forgetting the famed rolled-taco? They used to be taquitos... they are tacos which are rolled exactly like burritos, you see.

a minor clarification

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But they're nasty-tasting. Even the ones that haven't been microwaved taste like they've been microwaved.

There is only one....

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Vago Pistachzio

Viva los chilaquiles!

Chilaquiles is the only true Mexican breakfast, so forget your bloody North American crap burrito stuff.


There is only one....

Post 10

Fenchurch M. Mercury

What about chorizo? It's disgusting, yes, but it's a Mexican breakfast all right! smiley - winkeye

There is only one....

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The Frood (Stop Torture: A455528)

Chorizo? Disgusting?! It's one of my favourite things! Goes well with many things, like egg, cheese, paella, bolillo, et cetera.

A taco is a Mexican breakfast. An egg-filled taco with chorizo is great. And about the differences between taco and burrito: if it is a tortilla, has something inside, and is folded or rolled, call it a taco. No need to complicate matters.

And Tabasco sauce with a taco? *wince*

There is only one....

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Fenchurch M. Mercury

*Grabs the 12 - oz. tobasco sauce bottle which resides in her fridge* TOBASCO goes with EVERYTHING! I put tobasco in my WATER! I put it on PIZZA! I put it in SANDWICHES! I go through THREE 12-oz bottles a YEAR! DO NOT WINCE AT THE TOBASCO!

*hold up much smaller green Tobasco sauce* Wince at THIS, if you must.

There is only one....

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Fenchurch M. Mercury

And the reason I can't spell Tobasco is because the LABEL has been taken off by USE!

smiley - winkeye

I beg to differ

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Dr. Henry Jekyll

As a dearly departed former co-worker of mine once explained to me, the burrito (little-donkey) is just another name for los tacos carribon (forgive my spelling Senor Arcinegia). As this gentleman was from Monterey (Mexico) he knew whereof he spoke. So either way is correct when refering to the breakfast food commonly known as the "Breakfast Burrito". You have to ask yourself, does it really matter anyway? They are good to eat, and isn't that what is most important?

There are breakfast tacos

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I live in Texas and just up the street from me is a convenience store that sells breakfast tacos.

They are soft tacos, and you can see the meat and eggs peaking out of the top.

It is true that it is easier to get breakfast burritos, and most people don't distinguish between the two because... well, if you fold it like a burrito it won't fall all over your lap when they hand it to you through the drive through window.

I see people going back and forth on what really constitutes a taco.

I just want to say for the record, that if you want to be a purist, buy juevos rancheros (Ranch Style Eggs). This is a largely Mexican dish of eggs cooked with onions, tomatoes, and sometimes peppers. It is served with tortillas (Corn or wheat)and when you put the food in the tortilla, THAT is a true breakfast taco.

By the way, in the South (Southern US) the only true barbeque is pork.
I'm not considering Texas as where BEEF is king as part of the South.
By the way. The original barbeque was goat.

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