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No just for vegetarians

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Researcher 93445

You know, this article makes it sound like tofu is only eaten as a substitute for meat by those who don't eat meat. It's also eaten for its own sake by a few of us omnivores. I was a vegan in a previous phase of life; now I eat most anything (tempered by the strictures of halal), and still find the occasional tofu scramble worth making. Perhaps it's an acquired taste, but then, we could list dozens of other foodstuffs that fit into that category, I'm sure.

No just for vegetarians

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Zach Garland

I understand your perspective although I don't share it. I am also an omnivore and the few experiences I've had with tofu were less than satisfactory. The original writer didn't like tofu and as the subeditor I don't either. However I'm aware there are those who do like it, so I did research to attempt to find the pro perspective, and was able to include a section about the benefits of tofu. I do apologize if despite my efforts we didn't reach your desired level of quality.

What we could use for a future revision of this piece would be a more solid list of benefits from the perspective of those who swear by tofu and like it. I would love to see such positive input placed here in the tofu forums.

Some of the pieces I've Sub-edited do noticably inspire drastically opposing opinions here in the forums. This is good and to be encouraged, as I believe it is the forums of h2g2.com which further the interactivity and help us to improve the guide entries in the future.

No just for vegetarians

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The biggest problem with tofu, is that most people don't know how to prepare it. I do infact love tofu. But I certainly don't like it raw. Best Uses of Tofu: Fried in stirfry, Tofu scramble, Tofu Pot Pie, Filling for Manicotti (mixed with some pesto & fake cream chese..).

I understand people not liking it, but i think most people don't really give it a chance. If they do, they probably don't get a good version of it.. like a friend of mine who didn't want meat at a meal & was offered tofu for the first time. They brought a slab of it out raw, & covered in syrup and was told it was like a pancake. That is just wrong.

I'd gladly make some tasty tofu dish for any doubters who want to give it one more chance.

No just for vegetarians

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Researcher 93445

I used to have a great tofu "cheese"cake recipe around here somewhere as well.

No just for vegetarians

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If you want some recipies for good tofu dishes, I believe I have what you're looking for. Write me if you're looking for a good tofu and liver souflet or my favorite, the "Ultimate Tofu, Peanut Butter and Strawberry Shake".

No just for vegetarians

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Simon the Frog (Ribbit)

You can also mix some tofu with some water in a blender, to make a non-dairy sauce for a tasty ( mushroom ) risotto.

It also does a good impression of scrambled eggs when mashed and mixed with turmeric (for the color). It's lovely on toast, after a bit of frying, and mixed with some spring onions. Yum!

No just for vegetarians

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Researcher 215447

Try reading "The Okinawa Way" by Bradley Willcox and Makota Suzuki. they carried out some research on the people of these Islands who all live to be well into their 90's. More importantly, they remain fit and healthy. The research puts this down to 3 main things: they remain active, they socialise a lot and they have a good diet that includes a lot of tofu!!

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