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"There is only one good thing about having a baby, the first bit!"

Parenting Quotes

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What's the first bit? Knowing there are sell dividing in your partners body? Seeing the scan? Feeling it kick. Th delivery? Their first birthday?

Parenting Quotes

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I was thinking more of the rather more intimate thing that happens well before all of those!

Use your imagination!

Parenting Quotes

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'Anyone who says they sleep like a baby has obviously never had one!'

Parenting Quotes

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The Harassed Designer

How about (in roughly chronological order...

"Put that in to soak straight away or it'll stain"

"Has anyone seen the car keys?"

"Can you hold it till we can find a toilet?"

Parenting Quotes

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Night Siren

This is one of my favorite quotes on parenting:
Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing, is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing! This was quipped by Phyllis Diller

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