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Cheerful Dragon

What this article doesn't mention is the process of becoming a parent, i.e. pregnancy. There was a program in the 'Horizon' series on BBC2 a few years ago, which described what happens to a woman during pregnancy. It sounded like a pitched battle between the woman and the unborn baby. After watching the program Richard (who doesn't want children anyway) turned to me and said 'We are definitely not having children. There is no way I'm putting you through that.' Whether or not I was prepared to go through 'that' was beside the point!

Then, of course, there's giving birth. Not only is this painful, but Richard's mum, my mum and Richard's sister-in-law (all of whom had 2 children) all had complications giving birth to one child. Although I would sort of like to have children, I'm not sure I want to run the risks.

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Doesn't it strike you that the wwrong people are being put off from having babies? It appears that the more you know and understand about the process of griwing a baby, having a baby and then raising the blighter the less attractive it all becomes. The only approach is to accept total change as soon as the stick their face out into the world. Resist it and you will suffer, go with it and you will be exhausted, yet flourish. Kiss nights out and lie ins good-bye.

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Tashalls, Muse of Flights of Fancy (Losing Weight at A858170)

Hi Cheerful Dragon, I see these posts were around a while ago - has Richard changed his mind on kids? Have you had one, or are planning to?

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