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Hazard Light Misuse

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I heard that the penalty for using Hazard Lights for anything other than indicating a break down (or to warn following traffic on a motorway that there is an obstruction ahead) is to be changed. Apparently, any motorist caught doing this will be forced to wear a big sandwich-board with the words 'I'm an anti-social pillock who shouldn't be allowed to own shoes, let alone a car ' printed in red on it. Well ... that's what I heard.

Hazard Light Misuse

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I too have a large red button on the steering column of my car. When I refer to my Owner's Manual, I was puzzled to find it illuminated what it called the "I'm-getting-my-dry-cleaning-lights".

I've only picked up my dry-cleaning twice since I've had my car (two years) but on both occasions I found them invaluable in that I was allowed to plough through swathes of pedestrians in shopping precincts/malls on a Saturday mornings, and park conveniently right outside the dry-cleaners. Sometimes the lights even allow me to park inside the dry-cleaners, which of course means I am spared the trouble of actually getting out of my car.

I've witnessed many-a road traffic accident recently, but can locate no button to illuminate anything that could warn others of the impending danger. I therefore resort to turning my indicator lights on – left and right – in rapid succession, and find this works adequately.

Hazard Light Misuse

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Here's how Hazard Lights are misused in Tanzania:
When some driver approaches a cross-road, he immediately presses the hazard light switch to indicate to the car behind that he is going straight...Left indicator to go left; right indicator to go right and obviously if you are going straight ahead than that's when the red button with the triangle sign comes handy to some of our drivers!

Hazard Light Misuse

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In Sweden, hazard light are used to warn speed-drivers when the police are out trying to catch them.
I thougt that was the only purpose they served...

Hazard Light Misuse

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Rick P

I wonder if the 'Hazard Lights Parking Permit' people are the same people as the 'Visibility is below 100 miles, so I'll put my Fog Lights on' people?

Hazard Light Misuse

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Ahh no, you've misunderstood entirely.

The cars you see with their fog lights on are in fact owned by "I drove through some fog last year, can't be too careful you know" people.

Hazard Light Misuse

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Can anyone explain why so many Van/Truck drivers use hazard warning lights whilst they are loading/unloading by the side of the road?
They are usually large enough to be spotted by any other road user except maybe Col.Blink.
What really gets me as I drive towards them is that the only flashing light I can see if another vehicle is parked behind them is a right turn signal.Are they going to move out on me or what ????
Another quick thought crosses my mind.
Any vehicle being towed should NOT use hazard lights whist on the move.Firstly because it is illegall but mostly because following traffic has no idea when the damn thing is gonna change course.I have even seen the "professionals" cock up with this.

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