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Import, export and other nasty habits...

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Surely, we must agree, the Danes do import and export a lot. And when the subject falls upon alcohol, it's the same thing. Not just the same subject but the same thing! The Danish beer-companies wrap 80-90% of their anual production in tin cans (which, by the way, are forbidden to sell in the country, unless they contain chocolate milk) and ship them abroad, where hundreds and thousands of Danes every year buy them back.

Import, export and other nasty habits...

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Bass Treble Volume

You can also sell Coca Cola in cans (if you add rum smiley - smiley) How much rum it takes in a cola to make it "legal" is much debated in Denmark.

Personally I think the subject is booring, since you could just fill all the cans with 80% proof rum and sell it. That would solve a great many problems.

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Import, export and other nasty habits...

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