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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

Exports, one word : BACON.

BTW, i'm just off to post on procrastination. you see, it's become my favourite pastime - nay, mission in life, reason for existence, etc - to post to every single daily post of the Guide. Even if it's just to write some nonsense. I know this isn't the right place to do it, but I can't resist filling up white spaces in blue boxes with general gibberish. Incidently, does anyone really like the uk current number 1? It's ok once or twice, but all the time? Typical DJ's - not the MC type, of course - pumping the young british citizens full of repetive gunk just to push a 'new sound'. I did hear however, that it's very popular in the rest of the world, and the UK was virtually the last place to play it. Pretty much the same as Ricky Martin then, don't you think?

He has been popular for donkeys years in the rest of the world, and only very recently been accepted in the UK. Are we behind in everything?

I'm sure I saw a post somewhere in the guide about Donkey Years, must just go and look that up.

Oh, by the way, nice flowers too, - I believe. Though they can be pretty expensive, at times. The most expensive flower I know of has to be the Orchid, which is kind of leathery in texture and only popular as a gift in singles, as opposed to the traditional 'bunch of roses' though whether the rose is, as has been claimed, originally an English flower or not, I don't really know.

Now, where did I put those eggs?.........


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And you´re quite sure you´re allright...???????

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