A Conversation for Silence as a Mark of Respect

When Theo van Gogh was killed by Islamist

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In 2004 a well known filmproducer Theo van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam by an islamic fanatic. Theo was at his bike in Amsterdam while the other one was shooting at him.
Theo was dead instantly.

The killer did not achieve his second goal; entering heaven directly where fourty virgins should be waiting for him. He was only shot at his knee by the police, and that was not his intention when he was shooting around. It's a tough job to become a martyr in a civilised country.

When Theo was murdered, the mayor of Amsterdam called for a demonstation the same day, "but this time nót in silence. Make noise, as hard as we can!", he said and it became a march with al kinds of materials people used to make any sound they liked.There was NO shouting against any group or person.

In other words; álways a devote, pius silence is not álways the utmost appropriate way of reacting.




Greetings from Amsterdam

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When Theo van Gogh was killed by Islamist

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