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Why no mention of Ralph Baer?

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Many historians consider that Bushnell got his idea from Pong from Ralph Baer's Odyssey system, shown at a Magnavox trade show at the time known as the 'Brown Box'. Mr. Baer had an American copywrite for devices which, for lack of better words, interact and manipulate direct signals to the television. I havent had my coffee yet this morning. Anyhow, Atari went on to sell home pong machines and Magnavox, noting the lackluster sales of thier Odyssey machine, decided to sue Atari for copywrite infringement. Atari eventually settled, and every videogame manufacturer up until the Sega Master System and the Nintendo Entertainment System had to pay royalties to Magnavox for using this technology.

Might be an interesting sidenote for the article!

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Why no mention of Ralph Baer?

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