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My grandmother, who lived in Germany, -- and, now, long deceased, -- also hated cockroaches. She once told her brother how she sliced a cockroach in half [by mistake] while trying to kill it... it formed a sort of glue, and remained alive... (don't remember for how long). Her brother, who'd been an apprentice to an 'Apotheker' [pharmacist, in Germany] told her he'd been taught how to make medicine out of dried cockroaches [dead ones, of course]... and this was made into a homeopathic medicine, which is very good for stomach problems.
She told me this story in the late seventies, -- when I discovered that they were still in use... Think this sort of practise is still going on, and that some people are unwittingly consuming this medicine... apparently, it does work.
More alarmingly, (smiley - smiley) heard on tv, here in Rio de Janeiro, that some companies now intend to produce a sort of yeast... yes, made from dried cockroaches. [yikes]

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