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Worst pint in Dublin?

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Is mise Duncan

My vote would have to go for "Bar 22" in Blackrock. It was designed with mad exposed copper pipes everywhere...which allows the Guinness to get nice and lukewarm before its poured, inexpertly by the goons who work behing the bar...
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Worst pint in Dublin?

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Atom Jabiru

The UCD Bar, late eighties - served inexpertly, horrendously Extra Cold (before Guinness started marketing it as such) by a surly jobsworth in a wobbly plastic glass.

Ahh, those halcyon student days...

Worst pint in Dublin?

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Is mise Duncan

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It is probably not such a pity I've never been to the UCD bar then.
I think it will be interesting to see if any of these money-grabbing bar stewards pass the 1% drop in VAT on to their customers...bet they don't!

Worst pint in Dublin?

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OK, bar 22 is bad.
Try Bar 47 in town. I don't know why, but all the pints in there are NASTY. Somehow I ended up in the place downstairs, Pegs, and I didn't even want to explain the pints down there. The only cold pint was Bud, and that should only ever be drunk in extreme situations, and this was extreme, as the only bottled beers were Bud and Miller. What a hole!

Worst pint in Dublin?

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Don't ever, EVER, drink the beer in the Boathouse in Islandbridge; unless you are, or know, a student in Trinity who is involved in some way with the rowing club (sorry, the BOAT club, as they would have it) you probably never will get the chance, as it is a private bar used only for after-training drinks and club functions such as their annual Halloween Massacre, or members' birthdays. For some reason, no decent pint has ever been poured there, and this despite (as one member assures me) frequent cleaning of the pipes, fresh kegs at the proper temperature, and some very good barman from other pubs having a go. Guaranteed mank, and the plastic cups don't help.

Worst pint in Dublin?

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I've never had a bad pint in Dublin, never thought that it could happen until nowsmiley - cheers

Worst pint in Dublin?

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For the worst pint in the greater Dublin area, please visit the airport, wait a few hours for your plane, and then, when you've become thirsty enough, try one of the pubs at the airport. This Guinness will cure you from any Guinness-longing for the time you're away from Ireland.

Worst pint in Dublin?

Post 8


Absolutely the airport Guinness..
It's too warm and the price is just too high
I thought it would be a nice finsher of my holiday but it was a lill' suprise after..

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