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Black and Tan

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Is mise Duncan

I wouldn't recommend ordering a "Black and Tan" in
Dublin, as the "Black and Tans" were a group of
mercenaries paid by the Bristish government who
pursued a scorched-earth type policy during the
revolution in Ireland. Or at least that is the
opinion of my Irish colleagues, who won't let me
escape my Englishness .

Also, whilst Guinness itself was invented in Ireland,
stout was first produced (by accident) in London. It
seems that some brewer left his malt in the oven too
long and it got burnt. As he was going to be well out
of pocket if he threw it away he decided to brew it up
anyway and sold it cheap. I am eternally grateful for
his mistake.

Black and Tan

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Random Task

Speaking of Black & Tans, has anyone had the chance to try a Black Death? It is half and half Guinness and Cider. This naturally makes it quite a bit more potent, but the taste is wonderful. A little tart apple flavor to go with. Here in the states we have to use Hornsbey's Cider since there isn't a whole lot else to choose from. Its not a very popular drink, and Hornsbeys isn't the best quality.

Black and Tan

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The best Black & Tan I had was in Toronto...near the Holiday Inn on the route in from Detroit. Enjoyed it so much that myself and my uncle had several of them and got hammered by the end of dinner!!! Yea!

Black and Tan

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A question just popped up in my head. Around here (in California) a black and tan is clearly seperated. This is done using a spoon to add the Guinness on top of Bass. But I have tasted it mixed in an Irish Pub in Stuttgart/Germany (Guinness + Kilkenny) and the taste is much more interesting. (It is probably much more difficult to pour since those two beers don't mix very well).

The question I have is: Who invented Black&Tan anyway? For sure not the Irish?!

Black and Tan

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I've always known Black and Tan as Black Velvet, although others will disagree. For a start, it's constituents - half Guinness, half cider - are collectively called Black Death earlier in this very conversation. It is the most potent drink I have ever tasted. I can't manage more than four.

Apparently, the original Black Velvet was half Guiness half champagne. It was invented in the Fifties in Chicago (I think) to honour the passing funeral procession of some socialite or other.

Black and Tan

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Is mise Duncan

The last blasck velvet I had was made with Champagne...completely ruined a nice smiley - stout...so I can only assume that the cider option is a regional/publicans variant.
Incidentally, should it be Welsh cider as per the song "Johhny jump up" then I'd advise you not to drink it smiley - winkeye

Black and Tan

Post 7


Yeah, that makes sense, because now I come to think of it the drink I had was actually called a Poor Man's Black Velvet. It must be awful with champagne.

Could be Welsh, I suppose. Certainly sounds like you're talking it after a couple.

Black and Tan

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Another mixer for Guinness is what a bartender referred to as a "Bumblebee." It's half orange juice and half Guinness. I've had it only twice, when I was sick. It seemed like a good way to stay healthy & still drink my Guinness. I haven't found too many bartenders who will actually make it, though.

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