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Kilkenny beer in Ireland...

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I've never had a good pale ale/bitter etc. outside of the places near where they are brewed - and hand drawn from a fresh barrel. The alternative is either sticking it in a can and shipping it around with a nitrogen widget thing, or else shipping a few kegs off overseas for a long wait in the hold of a ship - for us folks who live in other continents from the source of the elixir. Out of a lot of these (would you call them stale ales?) Caffrey's might be less crap to some - it probably tastes the same as when fresh. The Smithwicks on tap in Canada is often pretty decent.

The Breo story reminds me of a similar "Summer" beer brewed by Quebec's Unibroue - They called it Bru - because it guess it was brewed at some point in its production. A rather insipid pale yellow lager that would appeal greatly to people who actually can drink Budweiser. Although it is real lager. Their other beers are rather interesting and often potent beers along the line of beers from Belgium and nearby.

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Kilkenny beer in Ireland...

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