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Sneaking food into the movies

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My questions to everyone are:

Have you done it?

What did you sneak in?

And how?

For me, yes. It's a heckuva lot cheaper, especially since movies in the US cost about $9 and snacks aren't too far behind (since that's how theatres make most of their money)

Usually it's candy or something to drink. But on one occasion, we used a friend's extremely oversized purse to smuggle several packages of Pepperidge Farm Cookies (they were on sale at Target next door) and several bottles of coke. And on another occasion, a friend and I were running late and hadn't eaten dinner. We stopped off at Subway, got a couple subs and bottles of Coke to go and smuggled them in our jackets. That was a bit tricky and we got a lot of praise for our sneakiness from other audience members.

Sneaking food into the movies

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loonycat - run out of fizz

I always take sweets and drinks into the cinema bought elsewhere. smiley - ok

Being female it's probably makes it easier to carry a bag large enough to hide the goodies without appearing too conspicuous. They don't search us or anything over here in the UK. smiley - biggrin

I totally agree that the prices are a rip off and refuse to buy smiley - popcorn at the cinema.

Sneaking food into the movies

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Malabarista - now with added pony

At the Lord of the Rings premiere (The Return of the King, I think, but could've been The Two Towers) my medieval reenactment/juggling/music group had been doing the stage show and a performance in the lobby before, so we were all in medieval kit.

Cloaks are your friend.

We brought in not only two crates of beer, a crate of cola, crisps, and sweets, but - and I kid you not - and entire roast piglet, which the Orcs in the front row proceeded to consume noisily during all battle scenes - the flying bits of pork just added to the realism smiley - winkeye

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