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New Innovations In Bubble Wrap

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Kopaylopa aka. Kayla Poponayla

In my office, we get bubble wrapped samples all the time from vendors... the latest bubble wrap invention appears to be sheets of bubble wrap which are sticky on the back so you don't have to tape them shut anymore... of course other applications include sticking a sheet on your back and then pressing on a wall.... instant massage with gratifying sound accompanyment!

New Innovations In Bubble Wrap

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SPINY (aka Ship's Cook)

Unless some misinformed person mistakes the wrap for some horrible disease and hauls you off to hospital...

New Innovations In Bubble Wrap

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Has anyone come across the new bubble wrap which is impossible to pop?

I mean, that's just cruel. Bastards. It's like buying a packet of sweets, only to discover the "sweets" are actually polystyrene, and someone's played a cruel joke on you.

Perhaps it should be outlawed. Tony Blair could be really popular with this one. "I promise I will ban all unpoppable bubble wrap." "And polystyrene sweets."

New Innovations In Bubble Wrap

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I once invented something of that sort. But before you condemn me to hell, some explanation is in order. Only every *other* bubble on the sheet was inflated with air. Each bubble was connected to it's adjacent bubbles by tiny valves, so that when you pop one bubble, it's air just bursts through the valve and into another, previously empty bubble. Unfortunately, I never produced the stuff because it was never tested, and well, probably wouldn't work. But it's cute, isn't it?

New Innovations In Bubble Wrap

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It's not cute, it's a cruel, cruel trick.

New Innovations In Bubble Wrap

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I like the sound of that.

Mind you, It would need a pritty impressive casting mashine to make it I would of thought.

New Innovations In Bubble Wrap

Post 7

Researcher 135956

Can anyone please tell me how they make bubble wrap, or point me to a website that shows me the process....?

Many Thanks


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