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Itching due to not shaving?

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I have had a beard since Christmas 1971 (35 years ago!)except for a few days at Christmas 2001 (30th anniversary) when I was encouraged to grow it back again. During that time, it has gone through various stages of being long or short and a gradual change in colour until now it is almost pure white.
My theory is that the period of itching experienced when growing a beard is due to an adjustment to the skin NOT being shaved. In 2001, I only shaved for less than a week and experienced no itching at all when regrowing the fungus. Yes, I was a shopping centre Santa for two seasons. However, I had to wear an artificial beard and wig so I matched the other santas on shifts before and after mine. A full santa suit can be hot in our Aussie summer! smiley - santa

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Itching due to not shaving?

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